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Basically the aim of Auricle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is focusing on Research and Development work. We Provide research work to students in Evrey field of engineering.

Website Designing, Development and Maintenance SEO, Android Application Development, CMS, E-Commerce and Internet Marketing Solution.

Auricle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is committed to delivering the best quality of Software and Web results to our key users. We integrate content and functionally from all sources to deliver the best results. Our primary focus is to serve businesses with low budget, so that everyone can become a success without investing much amount. We are constantly working to broaden our distinctive and innovative services. Our Objective at Auricle Technologies, we strive to produce innovative products and services that meet our customers' evolving needs. At the same time, we understand that long-term success is about more than just making great products; it involves total customer satisfaction by rendering them full support in devising newer and better techniques for conducting their businesses.
We provide intelligent consultancy throughout the project life cycle from inception to completion. With all of us working together to provide our customer with the best services and products, we are forming a model for the industry's future. Auricle Technologies will be creating global constellation of the city centric business success .We want to give the users the best, in relevant local content and resources.

Our History

  • 2012: Auricle Technologies Pvt Ltd was registered in August 2012. Just after registration Auricle was the organizer of International Conference International Conference on Technical and Executive Innovation in Computing and Communication.
  • 2013: The website Hindi Shiksha initiated where technical study is provided in Hindi. Also we focused on quality service in designing and development. In December 2013 second international conference TEICC 2013 was organized by research department of Auricle Technologies.
  • 2014: The research department of Auricle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. initiate 3 International journals of field Mechanical/Electrical Engineering, Mathematics/Life Science and Physics/chemistry in order to contribute future technologies. A international eConference RDECE 14 was organized to share ideas from scientists, students and professors from different places of world.
    We also initiate a part time earning source for the talented students, as they can serve in research projects development. We propose to do work of practical implementation of IEEE research papers and enhance them. Our research areal include basically all fields of engineering.

Our Services

  • eCommerce Website

    Payment Gateways, Training, Various Hosting Solutions, as many items as you like

  • HTML5 / CSS3 / JS

    Helps You to make Your business Online

  • Android App Development

    Professional App Design in Android

  • Website Design and Development

    Professional Website Designing

  • Digital Marketing

    All Digital Marketing Solutions in a Single Roof

  • Social Media Marketing (SMO)

    Make your product or business visible on Social Media

  • Animator Intro Video

    Make Animated Intro Video of Your Product

  • Technical Training / Internship

    Students May Apply for Internship or Technical Training

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